Bookkeeping Packages

Our commitment is transparency with no hidden fees. We charge a non-refundable $150 setup fee for any new clients. Below are some packages we currently offer. If you have any other needs outside of the packages listed below feel free to contact us via the contact box on this page. Subscription fees for our monthly, quarterly, and yearly packages are collected up front and based on volume. Hourly rates are offered for non-subscribing clients. Each offered package covers ONLY bookkeeping, but we will be providing additional services at a later date. If you are in need of additional administrative assistance please feel free to inquire via the contact us box and/or phone number in the menu section. 


$ 15 /Hour


$ 300 - 700 /Month


$ 500 - 1000 /Quarter


$ 1000 -1500 /Year

We are always striving to give you the absolute BEST and UNMATCHED virtual assistance possible. Whether you want to inquire about new services or provide feedback on your existing service, we welcome you to leave it in our contact us box. Thank you for your business and we appreciate you!