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Meet the Bookkeeper

Make our team a part of your business family. For starters, we like to share a little bit about who we are to make sure you’re comfortable with the fit.

Alicia has a passion for numbers. Her attention to detail is what drives her to succeed. She studied business administration and loves to hone in with the smaller details that make up the larger picture. 

In her free time, she loves to play piano and cook. You may see her in the park playing with her son or at the beach soaking up the beautiful Fort Myers sunshine. 

Alicia Hamilton

  • 5 + Years of Administrative Experience
  • Bookkeeping Guru
  • B.S. in Business Administration from Liberty University

Our Mission & Vision

Honestly it's black and white. Our mission is to provide unmatched virtual assistance to each and every client. With our services, we hope to save your business money while still focusing on the essential tasks to keep your business running.


At the moment we solely offer bookkeeping. We are looking to expand to also offer travel booking, scheduling, calendar management, and much more!

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Chris Hamilton

  • 10 + Years of Marketing Experience
  • Website Design
  • B.S. in Marketing from Liberty University

Chris is all about digital presence. He is bold and likes to make a statement. He studied marketing and utilizes his skills building websites for different businesses. 

He enjoys boating and fishing in his free time. You may run into him cruising the back inlet bays of Sanibel or Lovers Key with a fishing pole in his hand.